Easy Homemade Butter, Ghee from milk cream Recipe

Butter makes everything better!!

Butter a lovely ingredient that can be eaten as a condiment or we can cook our food with butter & it’s no secret both taste fantastic. Now how wonderful will it be if we could make butter by ourselves with just the ingredients that are available in our kitchen. We can make Butter at home with its simple contents & no preservatives.

Ghee is beautiful aromatic oil, which has medicinal properties if consumed sparingly does wonders to our body & mind. In India many homes prepare their own butter/ghee & we use it in our sweet & savoury dishes.

Many of our childhood memories are surrounded with the sweet aroma of butter/ghee being prepared by our moms in the kitchen. Each home have their own recipes, this is one such method & also an easy one to make butter/ghee at home.

Please do try it. It is a little bit of work but you will get addicted to having homemade butter/ghee in your daily life.

You can also watch my video on YouTube


½ or 1 ltr Milk (I use cow’s milk with 3% fat)

¼ Tsp – Turmeric powder

1 – Cardamom (lightly mashed)

1 Tsp – Curry Leaves



  • The milk we boil for our daily use, usually has cream formed on top. We can save the cream by removing the cream layer with a spoon & saving it in an airtight box & freeze it. We follow this method every time there is cream formed on the milk & after 3-4 weeks the box will get filled.
  • Once the box is filled we have to defrost the cream & once it is in room temperature we transfer the cream to a mixy jar (if you have the circular blade you can use it or you can use the normal blade too).
  • Pour the cream into the jar & beat it for a few minutes (check if the cream has churned into butter). The butter would have formed & there will be milk like liquid (buttermilk).
  • Take a spoon, scoop the butter while draining the liquid. Dip your palm & fingers in water & put the butter in your hand.
  • Now slowly roll it to a ball shape, let the liquid drain out through your fingers. Then set it aside in a bowl. Follow this method till all the butter has been rolled into the required ball shaped portions. We need to make sure the liquid (buttermilk has drained completely).
  • Now the homemade butter is ready. We can store it for use.
  • We can proceed to make Ghee.



  • Take a heavy bottom sauce pan & heat it.
  • On low heat drop the butter in the sauce pan & let it melt completely.
  • Once it has become liquid slowly increase the heat to medium & the liquid will start foaming up.
  • Once the liquid starts foaming & boils we need to keep stirring to make sure it does not boil over.
  • After a few minutes the liquid quantity will start reducing.
  • The milk solids & fat will start separating. Stir it.
  • The milk solids will start to settle to the bottom of the saucepan. The fat will be boiling through.
  • Now we will see clear & big bubbles forming and the milk solids will start to caramelize in the bottom on the pan.
  • The second time it will foam up & bubble. The ghee is ready.
  • Keep the heat on low & add turmeric, cardamom, curry leaves & mix well. (plz stir only on the top layer of the pan, as the bottom of the pan there is caramelized milk solids which we do not want to mix).
  • We need to strain the hot ghee into a heat safe jar.
  • With a metal strainer we strain the ghee into a heat safe jar.
  • Ghee can be left to cool off.
  • Aromatic homemade ghee is ready.


Cleaning Tips:

  • The dishes & the mixy in which we made butter can be cleaned with hot water. They clean off easily with hot water & dish soap.
  • The pan that we used to make ghee will have the caramelized milk solids in the bottom. To clean it we need to first pour hot water & dish soap into the pan & let it soak for a few hours. Then drain out the water & take a teaspoon, scrape out the caramelised milk solids. They will peel off as we scrape it with the spoon.

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