Easy Tasty Fun Bread Pudding prepared on Stove & in Oven

Here’s a fun recipe/dish you can prepare two ways, one is on the stove & second can be baked in oven. The ingredients are the same for both the dishes, just that we can prepare them both ways as per our wish.

A great quick bite recipe that will come to your rescue when you want to prepare something quick light & fun snack.

The bread pudding prepared on the stove is slightly crunchy outside, soft & light inside. Bread pudding baked in oven is also slightly crunchy on top & soft, custardy inside, with chocolate chips it makes the bread pudding more special.

For both dishes we prepare same custard recipe.

First we prepare bread pudding bites on the stove, we add small pieces of bread cubes in the mould. We then pour custard over the bread, drizzle ghee & let them cook after which we flip them, let it cook for a minute & is ready to serve.

Second is bread pudding in the oven, we add cut bread pieces into a buttered bowl, then we add chocolate chips for more flavour & fun. Then we pour the custard over the bread pieces & bake it until it’s done.

The bread pudding baked in oven tastes great when served warm. The bread pudding bites prepared over stove tastes great warm or room temperature.

You can also watch my video on YouTube


  • 4-6 – Bread Slices for Bread pudding bites on stove (I used whole wheat bread, you can use any bread of your choice)
  • 4 – Bread Slices for Bread pudding over the oven
  • Few Tsp of Ghee
  • Few Pats of butter
  • ½ – Tsp Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp – Chocolate Chips

For the Custard:

  • 1 – Egg
  • ¼ Cup – Sugar
  • ½ Tsp – Vanilla Essence
  • 1 Cup – Milk (I used milk with 3 % fat)



  • In a mixing bowl add egg, sugar, vanilla essence & beat well with a whisk (if all ingredients mix well if they are in room temperature).
  • Half way through pour milk & beat until sugar has dissolved (I poured slightly warm milk so all ingredients mix well).
  • Once all ingredients have mixed well, the custard is ready. (I made 2 batches, one for the bread pudding bites on the stove & one for bread pudding in the oven).

1.Bread Pudding Bites on the Stove:


  • Cut the bread into small cubes.
  • Heat mould pan (Paniyaram pan).
  • Drizzle ½ tsp ghee into each mould (please keep heat on low).
  • Pease fill each mould with bread pieces.
  • Gently pour the custard into each mould (I poured custard upto 3/4th of the mould).
  • Now add a few pieces of bread cubes & press so they soak up the custard (we add few bread cubes now for crunchy top layer).
  • Drizzle ghee over each mould.
  • We cover with lid & let it cook.
  • After few minutes open lid, drizzle ghee & flip them.
  • We let them cook for 1-2 minutes (no need to cover with lid).
  • Then we transfer them into serving plate.
  • Ready to serve.

2.Bread Pudding in the Oven:


  • Cut bread into cubes & transfer them into a buttered baking dish.
  • Add chocolate chips & gently mix to spread them around.
  • Press the bread to set it.
  • Now pour the custard all over the bread cubes.
  • Add small pats of butter all around on the top of the bread pudding mixture (we add butter for flavour & for the bread pudding to brown well).
  • Sprinkle sugar (we sprinkle sugar for texture & flavour).
  • We bake at 160 Degree C / 325 Degree F for 20-25 minutes (please note: Each oven have a slightly different baking time, so please check the bread pudding before the mentioned baking time).
  • Once the bread pudding has turned golden brown, slightly firm & has risen slightly we remove from oven & let it cool slightly.
  • We run butter knife on the side of the pudding.
  • We cut & serve.


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  1. Bernice says:

    Looks delicious!

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    1. Aarna says:

      Hi… Thank You so much 😀😀💕

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  2. Irene says:

    Great recipe and very nice video, as always.

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    1. Aarna says:

      Hi Irene… Thank You so much!! 😀😀

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