About City Mom

Hi Friends

Welcome to A City Mom’s Kitchen…

I am Aarna and I would love to share the dishes I prepare for my family with you. I would like to show you simple cooking for everyday life and some dishes to cheer you up when you need a break.

Cooking need not be time consuming & difficult, if we know what we love & what our body needs it is very simple & easy to prepare food for ourselves & our loved ones. Let’s all invest a little time from our daily routine to cook & feed our Bodies Healthy & Definitely Delicious Food.

A recipe has no soul, You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe….. Thomas Keller

I hope you all enjoy cooking & feeding your loved ones as much as I do….

I also have a YouTube Channel, If interested please click the link below:

You Tube Channel: YouTube

Warm Regards & Happy Cooking…. Aarna 😀😀❤

(Social Media is a set of Tools, not a Religion – Bill Keller)